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About us

T-Box Tactical will give 100% the first time, every time, because we realize what is at stake. 

Born and raised on a farm in Kentucky, I began working in the fields as a little girl. All the generations before me did the same.  My family planted some seeds in me as well. I learned about teamwork and giving 100% to everything you do……even the little things. Proper planning was a big priority, and on this list was plan to do it right the first time. Last, but certainly not least, was dependability. My family believed that you were only as good as your word.  It was not only a matter of integrity, but many times working out in the field, it could be the difference between life or death.

It’s my honor to take care of those who take care of all of us………

My career has been a journey. I started with a degree in accounting and transitioned to roles in government sales and operations management. Along the way, I realized that my true heart was toward supporting our nation’s heroes……our military service men and women, law enforcement, fire fighters, defense contractors, and other emergency providers. Not only those who are in active roles, but also and equally to those who have already served their country-our VeteransT-Box will donate a portion of profits every month to worthy charities.

It’s All About the Folks in the Field…..

Many people have asked me why a retail tactical store, T-Box, would become my final career choice, and to that I would have to say that everything goes full circle in life……..I started my life in a support role in the field and I’ll end in a support role in the field!  The folks who ensure our SAFETY and FREEDOM deserve to have everything they need, from a comfortable pair of boots to protective equipment they can count on. The missions may be different, but the support we give to them all will be the same.


Honor to God & Respect to our Heroes,

Alice M. Wheeler