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The Name

Story behind the company name "T-Box"

Anyone who is a Marine will instantly recognize the saying "T-Box". From the time you go through boot camp and hit table 2 on the range, to the time that you EAS or Retire, the word holds meaning.  For most Marines its the elusive T drawn on their target that causes them to drop a few points on qualification day on the range. 

For those of you with no clue as to the meaning, let me explain. Table 2 is a portion of the  yearly qualification range in the Marine Corps. On this portion you engage a life size upper torso target silhouette from 25 yards. On the target, there are 3 lightly drawn target points that you have to hit to get your points. The 3 target points are the Chest, Pelvis, and the elusive T-Box. One of my favorite drills is called the Failure to Stop Drill. This drill brings a scenario where you engage your target with 2 shots to the chest and then you make the choice to shoot the T-box or the Pelvis. The drill simulates the enemy not stopping after 2 shots to the chest based on the probability that he has armor on. Now you have to put your brain housing group to use and make a decision. Do I go for the Pelvis or the T-Box? ThePelvis is clearly the easiest choice for most, as it's a larger target and will make the target immobile, but leaving them the ability to still use their weapon. Then there is the T-box a very small hard to hit target point. The T-Box is the point where your nose meets your forehead and forms a natural "T"  The advantage is based on studies that say that shot will immediately disable someone severing the Brain Stem. 

Most Marines on qualification day will take the Pelvis and call it a day with their easy points. But downrange on practice day you will find the heads of the targets littered with holes from Marines wanting to pump up their pride or crap talk their buddy who was not able to hit the T-Box. For those of you who have never been able to practice with a scenario like that it is fun and challenging. Just get some cardboard paper and a pen, or you can check back into our stores target section.  We will have some targets depicting the 3 target locations soon! Thank you guys for reading and checking out our site!